#Bikes4erp Campaign

Imagine a life in which you have to walk one-half marathon to get to and from school each day. In addition to the vast distance, you cross rugged terrain, endure extreme weather conditions and face possible physical injury on a daily basis. Then, after arriving home exhausted and before you can study, you are responsible for fetching water, collecting firewood, caring for siblings, and feeding livestock.  

This is a daily reality for many children in rural South Africa who strive for the “privilege” of being able to attend school. For the children who face these obstacles, they arrive at school tired and unable to concentrate, which often leads to frequent absenteeism and ultimately dropping out altogether. Without school, the cycle of poverty continues. 

#BIKES4ERP recognizes that in these communities, bicycles produce immediate benefits. Riding a bike decreases the overall impact of the commute, which means students arrive at school better able to concentrate and their attendance rate improves. Commuting by bicycle also frees up time for studying, which helps students complete their education, preparing them for better jobs and giving them a chance at a brighter future.

By distributing bicycles to students, the #BIKES4ERP project bridges the gap between having a dream and being able to achieve it. Under the motto, “mobilize me and I will change my world”, students are empowered to obtain an education by entering into a “STUDY TO OWN” contract, whereby the student owns the bike after using it to attend school for 2 years.

The cost of each bicycle is $200.00 and 100% of your donation goes directly to #BIKES4ERP’s initiative.

Please make a difference in these children's lives by helping ERP with its #BIKES4ERP initiative!

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MEDIA from our Previous #BIKES4ERP Campaign


Since its inception, #BIKES4ERP has delivered 111 bikes to rural community members.

Please watch the following videos to see how ERP's #BIKES4ERP initiative is helping mobilize others for a better future!



The #BIKES4ERP project distributes bicycles for people who would otherwise have to walk long distances to school and work. The Rustenburg Area in South Africa received their first bikes on 15 January 2016. The bikes were funded by Tapologo #BIKES4ERP Project and facilitated and delivered through the P.E.A.C.E. Foundation.


Employees of groupelephant.com promoting the #BIKES4ERP project as a mountain bike race. The #BIKES4ERP project distributes bicycles to students, teachers and school volunteers with the main aim to increase access to education.