Practical Skills Training to understand Coding, Programming and Debugging

“We Code” is a computer programming training course targeted at High School students. These courses introduce coding in a way that is relevant to any child’s interests – be it robotics, Minecraft, or advanced text languages. The course Stunt Pilot allows kids to program drones and robots as they simultaneously learn to program and reinforce subjects they’re learning at school. When they program a drone to trace out a star, for example, they practice geometry and angles. And when they solve tricky puzzles, they practice their analytical and reasoning skills! Coding lies at the intersection of STEM and creativity. For girls especially, who are underrepresented in STEM fields, coding may be a unique entry point to get them interested in STEM.

ERP to introduce “We Code” in Kekana Gardens

Throughout the year, ERP will be conducting 2 day “We Code” exercises at Pfaranani Skills Training Centre (Kekana Gardens), adjacent to the Dinokeng Game Reserve. The course will be taught by Mr Arthur Anderson from Africasgotgame, and his team. We will be targeting Grade 9 students from Steve Biko, the local High school in the area. We aim to generate enthusiasm amongst the learners to help develop their critical thinking skills whilst also exploring a potential future career.

Join Us!

We extend an invitation to all Groupelephant.com employees who may be interested in joining us over any of the 2 day exercises, as this is a great opportunity for you to get involved in one of the upcoming ERP projects in South Africa.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Jean Nagiah on jean.nagiah@erp.ngo for additional information.