This project was established to prevent the invasion of elephants from Mozambique, crossing into KwaZulu Natal, and damaging the crops of local subsistence farmers. On the 12th December 2017 the second and final harvest took place, heralding the end of the first phase of this initiative. Sekelekani Honey bee project is now a registered Cooperative, with potential to alleviate poverty within the community through honey production. The members must be commended on their diligence, their work ethic and their wholehearted dedication to the project. Honey production has increased by over 60% since the start of the project and will most likely continue to improve as they have continued to manufacture boxes and more suitable potential sites will continue to be identified going forward. On the other hand, no elephant crossings have been recorded since the setting up of the beehives, which were put in the areas that were most vulnerable to elephants crossing through. This project is a showcase of how the decades long human-elephant conflict can be resolved with no adverse effects to both elephants and human existence.

Christelle Pretorius