The facts here at Nkomazi is that 18 elephants were confined to an area of 5500 ha which is to small according to general ordinances but in this particular habitat it is much more grassy than bush as well. This has led to some frustrations and the female Knysna, with a young calf at her side overturned a game drive vehicle with tourists on board last year. 

Prof Wouter van der Hooven from 911Elephant has been informed that this particular female originated from Knysna(from there her name) and was relocated to Shamwari in the  Eastern Cape, where it caused problems. Shamwari ,which belongs to Dubai World, then decided to send her to Nkomazi Wilderness in Mpumalanga, which also at that time belonged to Dubai World. 

 Then after the vehicle overturning they wanted to shoot this female. Prof Wouter then reasoned with them which resulted in a fence being dropped and they now have 9 000 ha on which to roam. Still not ideal but there has been no more aggression or incidents.

Next step will be to offer to compile an elephant management plan to prepare for the relocation of one family herd.

Christelle Pretorius