The All Walks Of Life Project

"I could not imagine that the future I was walking toward could compare in any way to the past that I was leaving behind.
― Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

Shoes have a basic functional purpose with many benefits, it gives support and stability to our feet.  Shoes also allow us to travel farther, be more expressive, improve our performance and can also help with our overall health.

Did you know that many communities throughout South Africa have a need for shoes? 

Help us make a difference, by simply donating your gently worn shoes!

  • 154 / 500 Pairs

    Pairs of Shoes Donated

"Thank you so much , your donations really make our work much easier."

-- Community Center Caretaker

more ways to make a difference?



Keep a child warm this winter by donating your gently worn clothes or jackets to children in need.


Give Education Supplies/Toys

Fight poverty by donating educational supplies/toys to children in need and help build a brighter future!


secondhand office furniture (SA Only)

Help boost a child’s education by donating secondhand office furniture that can be used in rural schools.



100% of your donation goes directly to providing new shoes to those in need around the globe.

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