Bikes4ERP receives memorabilia from the Brain Child Fund

The #BIKES4ERP team received a memorabilia as a token of appreciation from the Brain Child Fund. The Brain Child Fund is backed by the The Family Hope Center in the United States of America.


During November last year, a big group from the #BIKES4ERP team assisted in raising awareness of work done by the Brain Child Fund. The reason behind this initiative was to convey a message to parents of special needs children that there is hope for their families and children.

The #BIKES4ERP team cycled the 94.7 Cycle Challenge race, one of the biggest race events in South Africa, to raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause. Special needs children were carried along in the 94,7 km (59 Miles) in a special designed chariot, which was attached to the bicycles.

The Brain Child Fund is an organisation that coaches parents with special needs children to build a sustainable support structure to help them finish strong.

ERP is proud to have the privilege to be part of this incredible journey.