Bikes4 ERP - Blouberg

In 2016, two employees, Nicolai van der Merwe and Gert Vermuelen initiated the #Bikes4ERP project that aimed to reduce absenteeism in rural schools through the provision of bicycles to be used to travel to and from school. We then piloted this project in 5 schools within the Blouberg Municipality, where 86 students benefited as they were given the bicycles to use.

 Why and how ERP (plan of action)

The beneficiaries were identified based on the distances they travel to and from school, with those travelling the furthest being considered first. A mechanic was also appointed to offer repair services to the students, monitor the usage of the bicycles and ensure that bicycles are then reallocated once students finish matric. The project has been successful in Blouberg, with over 150 students having benefitted from the 86 bicycles (bicycles are reallocated annually from matriculating classes). Towards the end of 2017, Gert and Nicolai again started fundraising for more bicycles, having realised the impact that the project was making. ERP assisted with a crowd funding initiative, and Qhubeka, who manufacture the bicycles, pledged to match the number of bicycles that we would be able to raise. This has seen an additional 100 bicycles being funded, ready to be deployed to students in Madikwe in August 2018.

What are our next steps

The project has been scaled up in 2018, with 4 primary schools in Madikwe becoming the new beneficiaries. 100 students have since become beneficiaries of the bicycles, and the mechanic has already started working on assisting them with.


We extend our gratitude to both Nicolai and Gert and their team for their continued support of this project. Their passion and effort lives true to the mantra of Going beyond corporate purpose.

Christelle Pretorius