ERP Air Force  monitor when and where we cannot  and track when and where we cannot  - To serve and proactively deterrent  wildlife poaching

With the alarming level of threat facing Africa’s wildlife – and particularly elephants and rhinos – traditional methods of supporting conservation are no longer adequate. With the challenge of not only a lack of funding, but also a lack of manpower facing conservationists, a game changing force multiplier is required if the protection of our wildlife is to succeed.

ERP strongly believes that the use of technology across the entire conservation effort is essential in improving the effectiveness of the efforts put into conservation.  

The ERP Air force looks to tackle these challenges with our combination of a UAV platform, software technology, and our people.


WHat does the ERP Air force consist of?

In its present form, the ERP Air force comprises our extendible, rugged, UAV platform, our software technology platform – built using the latest SAP HANA technologies, and our people.

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