Ndumo is found in South Africa, it is located under Ingwavuma Magisterial District serviced by Jozini Local Municipality. Ndumo is one of the areas highly affected by HIV-AIDS. This epidemic has resulted in many parental deaths, and is leaving thousands of children in the area as orphans with no or very little food.With your help, we hope to address the problem of malnutrition amongst Aids orphans through the distribution of care packages. Our campaign aims to raise enough to feed the almost 2,000 orphans at Ndumo for twelve months.


Call for Laptops

Everyone has a right to knowledge and with a world of information out there, there are no limits unless you don't have the right tools. This is a call to help those that are less fortunate gain access to this knowledge. 



Imagine a life in which you have to walk one-half marathon to get to and from school each day. In addition to the vast distance, you cross rugged terrain, endure extreme weather conditions and face possible physical injury on a daily basis. Then, after arriving home exhausted and before you can study, you are responsible for fetching water, collecting firewood, caring for siblings, and feeding livestock.  


The All walks of life project

Shoes have a basic functional purpose with many benefits, it gives support and stability to our feet.  Shoes also allow us to travel farther, be more expressive, improve our performance and can also help with our overall health.


Kits for Our ERP Rangers

ERP will be deploying Rangers in Nature Reserves in South Africa. They will be doing patrols to help ensure the safety of the wildlife in the reserves. We are in need of kits for our ERP Rangers and any donations will be welcome.