Rhino Baby Search in the Hoedspruit region in South Africa

In December 2018, we were contacted by a nature reserve in close proximity to the Kruger National Park (in the Hoedspruit region in South Africa) to assist with searching for an orphaned rhino. Its mother had been shot by poachers and was roaming a massive area. ERP responded by providing helicopter time as aerial support for the search.

The ground team provided valuable information regarding the movement and tracks of the baby. The baby rhino was estimated to be six months old and was drinking water and eating.

The below video is of an aerial search from the helicopter provided by ERP.


After 8 days of searching, our key concern was the possibility of large predators finding the baby, but we remained hopeful. We would like to thank the rangers and trackers for their ongoing efforts in extreme heat and difficult conditions. ERP partnered with Hope for Wildlife Helicopter Services and Jana Meyer in providing all helicopter flying time as aerial support for the search.

This brief video provides an overview of the search efforts during the past 8 days.


After 8 intense days of searching, the orphan rhino could not be located and the aerial search was called off until further signs could be observed from the calf. The calf was eating and drinking when the rangers last tracked it, so we are still hopeful that the animal will be found. Another heart-breaking story as a result of savage poaching. We would like to thank all parties involved!