ERP Relocates 5 Rhino from Nkomazi

We recently conducted an emergency rescue and relocation of the 5 remaining rhinos from the Nkomazi Game Reserve in KZN. The move was prompted by the brutal slaughter of other rhinos in the reserve, and an urgent plea from reserve management triggered an ERP ‘911Rhino’ response team and their specialized equipment. Had the relocation not happened, the remaining 5 would likely have wiped out in short order.

When the ERP “911Rhino” team arrived, they discovered that a young rhino bull had recently been wounded by poachers, and was in critical condition. The youngster – but a year old – was rescued along with the other 5 but he sadly succumbed to his injuries not long after the rescue, notwithstanding the valiant effort of the vets that supported the ERP rescue mission.

The 5 rhinos rescued from Nkomazi are now safe and sound in a secure reserve, unnamed to keep them safe from poachers.